Our Potential Value For You!

Our Partnership Program provides stronger proven performers allowing you to earn credit for upgrading your team, saving significant time, and at a cost no more than what you currently invest for hiring. Our clients’ average two interviews for every successful hire, and over 95% of our client’s offers are accepted.

Let’s Start With The Obvious.

Your company or department is only as strong as the performers hired. And, let’s face it, excellent talent is at a premium out there. Worse, the competition for these few individuals is fierce. Top producers, or “A” candidates if you will, do not reside on job boards or on Social Networking sites because they are not actively seeking to make a change. Employed and focused on results within their organizations, they live in the hidden places where most recruiters don’t go. Difficult to locate and attract, but worth the effort.

This Ties Into Recruiting How?

According to Hiring Expert Brad Smart in his book Topgrading, “Companies hire only about 25% top performers when the norm should be closer to 75%. Unless you hire an “A” individual that grades out within the top fifteen percent of their Industry the odds are fifty percent that within twelve months the individual hired either needs to be replaced or fails to meet the objectives needed for the position…”

Topgrading sites nonexclusive contingency search recruiting as a major reason for poor hiring choices. Over 70% of our Healthcare Industry peers agree with this assessment expressing a strong dissatisfaction concerning the results most Recruiting Agencies deliver. The most common complaints expressed:

  • The quality of potential candidates presented fails to meet expectations.
  • Actual hires turn out weaker than expected or needed.
  • We never hear from Recruiters after an initial surge of resumes.
  • Recruiters do a poor screening of candidates.

The Reason:

Nonexclusive contingency recruiting relies on speed causing quality standards to plummet. Expediency becomes the norm. Candidates are pulled off job boards where “A” producers do not reside. Shortcuts abound. The “line of acceptance” blurs. Searching on Job Boards becomes the way of life and the “A” Candidates remain untouched.

How Does This Help You?

Unfortunately it does not. It leaves you left to fill in the missing gaps and make decisions from a group of “less than” choices making it nearly impossible to hire the top performer you really need. Stated another way, could you cook an excellent meal with poor ingredients?

Solution – Again The Obvious!

Partner with a firm on an exclusive or retained basis that actually Recruits “A” candidates, pays more than lip service to really understanding your culture and needs, AND is willing to be accountable. It sounds simple. So, why doesn’t it happen more often?

Hiring Officials don’t want to spend money on a retainer and worry about putting all their “eggs” in one basket. Fearful of not getting results, losing money for nothing, and quite frankly looking foolish, the status quo remains in place.

Isn’t This Your Best Move?

Negotiate an exclusive arrangement that requires no upfront money or at least insist on a refundable Retainer in case of nonperformance. For example, we offer a “kick-out” clause to our Clients that if you are not satisfied with the pace of the Search or the Quality of Candidates you may be released from the Search with any monies credited or returned. The only time we keep a portion of the Retainer is in the event the Search is withdrawn for reason such as a hiring freeze. The “eggs in a basket” syndrome is more about perception than reality. We partner with recruiters on Searches. However, an important difference is we accept total responsibility for the screening of the candidates. In this scenario, quality remains the dominant property of the Search.

We use Exclusive or Retained Searches for only our higher level positions.

This one baffles me and should you too! Companies invest recruiting fees for “lower level” positions. So, why wouldn’t one expect the same quality and service for all of your Searches? If this Search wasn’t important you wouldn’t do it! It deserves the same quality and respect!

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