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RNA Search Inc.
How it Works
  • We will be your main contact for all of your recruiting needs.
  • Our contracting back-office, Top Echelon Contracting will finalize the employment contracts and handle the financial and administrative issues.
  • All you have to do is authorize billing by signing the contractor’s weekly timesheet and pay the invoice.
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RNA Search Inc.
Contract Staffing Solutions
In addition to direct-hire placements, we can help meet all of your organization’s workforce needs by providing contract staffing. Contract staffing can help your company:
1.Achieve Flexibility
  • Overcome hiring freezes
  • Avoid layoffs and bad press
  • Quick hiring process
  • Terminate contract assignments any time
  • Get specialized talent for short-term projects
2. Reduce Costs
  • Employee benefits
  • Paid time off (holidays, vacations, sick time, etc.)
  • Legal costs
  • Administrative costs (hiring, processing employment paperwork, payroll)
3. Reduce Liability
  • IRS worker misclassification audits
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Unemployment claims
  • Negligent hiring, retention, and supervision
  • Layoff lawsuits
  • Wage and Hour/Overtime compliance
  • Discrimination

If you need to reduce risk, save money, and gain workforce flexibility, consider utilizing contractors through us.

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