2 New Markets Served: Pharmaceutical Processing & Lab Equipmen

Announcing that RNA Search Inc is now serving the quickly growing and evolving markets of Pharmaceutical Processing and Lab Equipment. Due to the need to keep our society and environment safe from harm or contamination, there have been significant advances made in technology, equipment, and automation for Pharmaceutical Processing and Lab Equipment.

In turn, the demand for skilled professionals has increased dramatically. According to Anthony Barge, Managing Partner, “the decision to enter these markets is part of our strategic initiative to build on RNA’s reputation and experience in providing first-rate business and employment solutions to the Pharmaceutical Packaging industry over the past 10 years. We continue to enjoy our business relationships and partnerships that we have forged and cultivated during these years.”

For more information, contact Anthony Barge at 310.463.1035 at tony@Rnasearchinc.com

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